What is it?

Free Flow Energetics is a non-invasive scientific technique that combines the latest advances of quantum physics with ancient knowledge of life force energy. This powerful method can efficiently release your negative emotional content and energy blockages.


Emotional content and energy blockages create patterns that cannot be modified by desire of change, psychoanalysis, prescription drugs or by physical exercise. Free Flow Energetics can help you release the emotional content and the energy blockages that create the behavioral patterns, allowing you to see many other possibilities;
in other words, a new reality.

Emotional Content Release

After many years of experience, we have found that negative emotional content is one the main reasons for most of the limits a person may have.

Negative emotional content is trapped in our system creating many undesirable behaviors.

The way we see the world is based on our past experiences, which have produced emotions that shape our decisions today.

Because we usually show others the best of us and keep the bad emotions hidden, we release the good emotions and keep the worst of them trapped inside.
These emotions establish themselves as negative feeling patterns, and we act according to what we "feel".

Free Flow Energetics can help you release those old negative emotions that perpetuate the same undesirable behavior in you.

You can change for the better and Free Flow Energetics makes it possible.

Energy Blockages Release

Blockages stop the free flow of life energy, creating points of pain, organ malfunctions, and illnesses.

When we liberate these knots of energy, many other aspects of our lives improve.

The deficient circulation of energy limits the many circuits we should have access to.

For example, psychologically speaking, you experience recurrent thoughts, aggressiveness, insomnia, etc.; while physically, the person experiences pain, fatigue, stiffness, etc.
We mask these warning signs with prescription drugs and other chemicals, and consequently, the blockages grow bigger over time, obstructing the normal functioning of our system.

The result of this process is illness.

Free Flow Energetics efficiently removes energy blockages that otherwise will be never released.

Our Body

is a high-tech bio-computer filled with consciousness.

It is so sophisticated that it can function in multiple vibrational levels.

It works with a wide variety of energies, and with many custom made programs.
All the programs that run our body are made out of information and function in the background, hidden from our conscious mind.

Free Flow Energetics can access the human opertating system, edit information, and modify the negative programs that ruin your life so that you can brake free from them.

FFE Can Change Your Life

For the Better!

The world is perceived through the five senses, which are filtered out by our stored emotions. Our reality is a subjective interpretation of impulses, based on our past feelings.

If your interpretation makes you feel that something is not possible, you create an obstacle. This is why we can only achieve what we believe is possible.
  • ➝ Stress
  • ➝ Anxiety
  • ➝ Traumas
  • ➝ Fears
  • ➝ Obstacles to success
  • ➝ Phobias
  • ➝ Old psychological programs
  • ➝ Pain
  • ➝ Negative thought patterns
  • ➝ Depression
  • ➝ Unnecessary tension
  • ➝ Angst


We have a Revolutionary Program

That Authentically Improves Athletic Performance and we Guarantee Improvement!
If you are tired of gimmicks that promise you competitive advantages that really don't work, of the wristbands, powders, shoes, and other useless tricks, then Free Flow Energetics is for you.
Everyone in the sports industry can take advantage of Free Flow Energetics: Athletes in all the major sports, Olympians and Olympic hopefuls, coaches, assistant coaches, etc.
  • ➝ Flexibility
  • ➝ Stamina
  • ➝ Endurance Strength
  • ➝ Vision
  • ➝ Accuracy
  • ➝ Velocity
  • ➝ Coordination
  • ➝ Concentration
  • ➝ Decision making
  • ➝ Pain
  • ➝ Doubt
  • ➝ Anxiety
  • ➝ Fear of losing
  • ➝ Fear of being watched
  • ➝ Climatic aversions
  • ➝ Timidity
  • ➝ Phobias
  • ➝ Lack of enthusiasm


Guillermo Klepacz creates FFE

Guillermo Klepacz began his spiritual studies during his teenage years, learning Paramahansa Yogananda’s Kriya Yoga. He was initiated by Self Realization Fellowship monks, and went through all the levels of Kriya Yoga. At that time Guillermo also learned Transcendental Meditation techniques, and he later explored the teachings of the Sanatana Dharma from Central Hindu College of Benares where he learned about the energies and the laws that rule all manifestations. Mr. Klepacz also met Don Guillermo with whom he further studied Hinduism, The Bhagavad Gita, The Vedas, and several healing techniques, transferring thought patterns, and gathering information from the human system.”

During the late nineties, Guillermo met Paramahansa Hariharananda in Miami, receiving his second Kriya Yoga initiation, along with the master’s blessings. Guillermo then stayed in close contact with the realized guru, visiting his ashram on a daily basis, until the master willingly left his body, entering mahasamadhi state.

Mr. Klepacz became a certified teacher, and started to work at the Miami-Dade Public Schools System classrooms. During those years doctors discovered a cancerous tumor in Guillermo’s body. In search for alternative healings, Guillermo met many energy scholars like Donna Eden and David Feinstein, learning Energy Medicine as well as with Frank Chang (Luke Chang's brother) co-founder of Chi-Lel Qigong with who he studied their healing modality. Guillermo also explored other healing methods like Sunkyo Mahikari, Reiki, EFT, as well as different energy projection techniques from Shao-Lin and Tibetan monks. Guillermo got healed of his cancer and decided to put together all his knowledge about life force energy and human energy systems, creating the Free Flow Energetics technique.

Guillermo’s Training

Guillermo began studying J. B. Rhine’s publications about Extra-sensory Perception from Duke University, parapsychology lab. Based on Rhine’s scientific guidelines, he started experimenting with psycho kinesis, telepathy, telekinesis, precognition, clairvoyance, psychometric, etc. Guillermo Klepacz was also exposed to the ideas of The Holy Quran from his grandfather’s Sufi tradition. His mother however, wanted young Guillermo to be a Catholic of the Roman Church, so he later studied the "Holy Bible" in depth. In addition he studied yoga, and investigated the oriental disciplines of Zen and Tibetan Buddhism. Guillermo decided to study the arts and received a Master’s degree in Fine Arts with a major in Drama. He also studied music composition, guitar, piano, and TV Production.

Guillermo’s Practices

Parallel to his formal studies, Guillermo read the Tao Te Ching, the Kabbalah and many other spiritual books. During his late 80’s he left Argentina and established himself in Miami, Florida where he met his dear teacher, Don Juan Leal. Mr. Klepacz started to practice don Leal’s energy projection method, attending his classes for more than twenty years. There he also learned lucid dreaming and astral projection techniques.

In the nineties, with don Leal’s permission, Guillermo met Natalie de Salzmann and practiced Gurdjieffian movements in one of her groups. In California, Guillermo visited SRF Mother Center and also explored psychodrama as a way of alleviating people with traumas.


Mission Statement

Our goal is simple: to free you from your obstacles and help you attain higher levels of achievement in life. Since the beginning of human existence, people have struggled to attain a wealthy degree of success in finance, relationship, career, health, etc. We don’t have to accept failure any longer, and success doesn’t have to be a stroke of luck or an accident.

Free Flow Energetics can elevate your life to unprecedented levels of success with consistent results. We are willing to coach you until everything starts to flow freely for you, or until you conquer your undesirable reactions, emotions, fears, and pain.
This is a win-win situation, and you will never be disappointed. There is no way you will not improve.

We guarantee our work.



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